Accessibility / Architecture Barrier Free


Public sites, buildings, structures, facilities, elements and spaces (temporary or permanent;) shall be accessible to persons with physical disabilities. Extreme sizes, lack of stamina, and incoordination are Physical Disabilities (IBC 2009, 1103.1.)

H & H Codes is an ADA / accessibility compliance consultant:

  • Performs ADA survey evaluation for new & existing facilities,
  • Identifies noncompliant/nonconforming accessibility conditions, and 
  • Provides solutions and recommendations for ADA / accessibilty compliance. 

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H & H Codes is a nationally recognized ADA consulting firm; implementing federal laws that require architectural accessibility free barrier for new construction, additions, alterations, and assessment of public and private facilities (across the United States:) 

  • When a facility is owned by the federal government the “Architecture Barriers Act (ABA)” applies.
  • When a facility is funded by federal funds “Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act” applies.
  • When a facility is owned or funded by a state government “Title II of the American with Disabilities Act (ADA)” applies.
  • When a facility is owned or funded by a private entity “Title III of the American with Disabilities Act (ADA)” applies.
  • The “Fair Housing Act (FHA)” applies to multi-family residential units constructed or funded by the private sector, nonprofit organizations, state and local governments, or the federal government. 



H & H Codes‘ staff designs and inspects variety of accessible elements for commercial, residential, industrial, medical and public facilities.

H & H Codes serves as an expert witness for disputes over  ADA compliance, construction defects and workers’ compensation claims.

Furthermore, provides CAD illustrations and details in support of their comprehensive ADA reports. ADA / Compliance Reports Examples



H & H Codes conducts ADA evaluations and recommendations for:

  • Group A-Occupancy: churches, museums, community halls and clubs.
  • Group B-Occupancy: banks, office buildings and outpatient facilities.
  • Group E-Occupancy: daycare, schools, colleges, universities.
  • Group F & H-Occupancy: factories, industrial and hazard facilities.
  • Group I-Occupancy: institutional, detention and child care facilities.
  • Group M-Occupancy: retail shops, department stores and gas stations.
  • Group R-Occupancy: resorts, hotels, apartments and condominiums.
  • Group S-Occupancy: food processing, lumber yards and private garages.


H & H Codes performed hundreds of accessibility surveys, recommendations, and design/upgrade for public entities, national manufactures, schools, religious buildings, major warehousing/industrial facilities, chain restaurants, and medical buildings across the United States.

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