IgCC Green Construction Code Review



H & H Codes is an approved agency; IgCC certified Green Construction Code plans examiners and inspectors providing Green Buildings’ certifications, commissioning, operation and maintenance narratives for industrial, commercial, educational, medical, and public facilities.

  • Pre-Occupancy Commissioning  Reports are required by the building officials to justify that, “All work has been done in accordance with the International Green Construction Code (IgCC.)”
  • Post-Occupancy Commissioning Reports are required by the building officials (“36-month after the issuing of certificate of occupancy”) to verify the continuous operation of green buildings under the IgCC.
  • Building Operation & Maintenance Narrative indicating manufactures’ specification, recommendation, and programing procedures are required by the building official to be submitted by an “Approved Agency.”                                         hhGreenReportH & H Codes is a third party green construction code specialist, LEED certified accredited professional, IgCC certified ASHRAE 189-GC (American Society of Heating, Refrigeration, and Air-Conditioning Engineers,) and expert in:
  • Site development and land use,
  • Materials conservation and efficiency,
  • Energy conservation and efficiency, CO2e emission reduction,
  • Water resource conversation, quality and efficiency,
  • Indoor environmental quality and comfort control,
  • Commissioning, operation, and maintenance.



H & H Codes’ staff are sustainability consultants; serving Architects, Engineers, and Developers in planning, constructing, operating, and maintaining high Green Building Ratings since 2009 (across the United States.)

A 2009 report by the U.S. General Services Administration found 12 sustainably-designed buildings that cost less to operate and have excellent energy performance. In addition, occupants were more satisfied than those in typical commercial buildings.  These are the Eco-Friendly Buildings.

H & H Codes asserts the use of Single-Attribute & Multi Attribute Products Certifications; such as:

             energybuilder  WaterSense-2-logo-png  SCSglobalServices   greenseal_0   greenguard-logo-1024x512

H & H Codes provides Green Building reviews, certification, commissioning, operation and maintenance narratives (as an independent third-party consultant) for:

  • New Construction (NC)                                  Neighborhood Development (ND)
  • Commercial Interiors (CI)                             Core & Shell (CS)
  • Schools (SCH)                                                  Retail Centers (RC)
  • Healthcare (HC)                                              Homes (R1-R2-R3)
  • Existing Buildings, Operations & Maintenance (EB O&M)

In addition, H & H Codes‘s staff are expert in building performance and energy auditing issues, such as:

  • Sustainable Sites.                                             Water Efficiency.
  • Energy & Atmosphere.                                   Materials & Resources.
  • Indoor Environmental Quality.                    Locations & Linkages.
  • Awareness & Education.                                Innovation in Design.
  • Regional Priority through a set of prerequisites and credits.


H & H Codes’ Green Building reviews, certifications, commissioning, operation and maintenance narratives are in accordance with the International Green Construction Code (IgCC,) for proposed and existing buildings, low to zero environmental impact and net positive sustainability.