Davie v Magistrates of Edinburgh (1953) provides authority that where a witness has particular knowledge or skills in an area being examined by the court, and has been called to court in order to elaborate on that area for the benefit of the court, that witness may give evidence of his/her opinion on that area.

H & H Codes’ founders are packed with highly qualified academic education, practical construction experience, years of  construction law training, and Triumphant Testimonial Record.

H & H Codes‘ staff are predisposed for trials and litigations as expert witnesses for disputes over ADA compliance, construction defects, breach of contracts, and workers’ compensation claims.

H & H Codes’ staff are qualified to testify because of:

  • Their familiarity with all aspects of the construction industry (25-years design & build practice,)
  • Their special training in the field of architectural and engineering (AIA, ICC, IgCC & LEED certified,) and
  • Their elevated academic achievements (BS, MS, and EJD degrees.)


 In general, H & H Codes’ staff testimony unequivocally aims to:

  1. Assist the trier of fact in understanding the evidence or to determine a fact in issue;
  2. Provide sufficient facts or data;
  3. Produce reliable principles and methods; and
  4. Apply the principles and methods reliably to the facts of the case.

expert test2

H & H Codes recognizes that unlike the Statute of Limitation; the Statute of Repose runs from the time of substantial completion; therefore, bars claims and protects building owners, designers, contractors, and materials suppliers from latent defects, and or serious problems reported upon discovery.

Appropriately, H & H Codes‘ advice and consultation:

  • Includes all available options;
  • Addresses the subject issues comprehensively;
  • Compares between existing and precedent (similar) circumstances; and
  • Foresees the most likely outcome.



H & H Codes provides attorneys with technical evaluation regarding opposing and supporting parties’:

  1. Quality of architecture design and details,
  2. Accuracy of engineering design and details,
  3. Precision of construction specification,
  4. Compliance of the as-built conditions with the applicable building codes, and
  5. Factuality of opposing/supporting parties testimonial.


H & H Codes has been performing forensic investigation, and conducting construction legal expert testimonies for public entities, national manufactures, schools, religious buildings, major warehousing/industrial facilities, chain restaurants, and medical buildings across the United States.

H & H Codes is an expert in the performance and durability of existing structures and has been conducting reliable forensic investigation in the fields of:

  • Decay of wood.
  • Dry rot fungus. 
  • Mold removal and mitigation.
  • Unpleasant odors.
  • Indoor air quality.
  • Uncontrolled humidity. 
  • Structure failure within existing buildings.
  • Buildings envelope and moisture intrusion.


As an architecture, engineering & construction management firm, H & H Codes provides detailed drawings, structure calculations, and cost estimation for the curing of the obvious and/or hidden defects that are discovered within existing buildings. During the past 15-years, H & H Codes provided comprehensive forensic investigation reports for law firms, banks appraisal, government entities, insurance companies, and private investors that include the following:

  • Building envelope surveys.
  • Assessments of building’s structural stability.
  • Court expert witness affidavits and litigation testimonies.
  • Fire, storm, flood, and earthquake disaster assessments.
  • Pre-purchase commercial buildings reports.
  • Preventative risk measures.

Examples of forensic investigation’s reports:

claim1      hhforensic3      Claim5

SLABCRACKS     slabcracks3   average crack

H & H Codes’ staff travel across the United States as a litigation expert witnesses and forensic investigators for public and private properties (at a reasonable cost.)