Residential Design


  • The following Residential Projects designed and managed by H & H Codes / Architect & Builder, LLC:
  • Single Family Homes:
Haidar Residence, Arcadia, CA (5,000 sq. ft.)

lee25   Lee5   lee3   Lee4

Lee7   lee20   Lee9   lee15

Lee8   lee14   lee12   lee21

lee11  lee10   lee16  lee13

Haidar Residence, S. Pasadena (3,100 s. f.)

hilldrive30  sopas17   sopas24   hilldr31

 sopas2  sopas4   sopas8  sopas14

hilldr36  hilldr33   hilldr38   sopas18

sopas5   sopas6   sopas7   sopas10

Art house   Art house-in-hires

Art Residence, Los Angeles (2,500 sq. ft.)

chownhouse-hires   chownhouse-in-hires

Choi Residence, Temple City (3,200 sq. ft.)

exterior-hires   interior-hires

Smith Residence, Altadena (2,400 sq. ft.)

Belair House  Belair House-in

Sanders Residence, Beverly Hills (4,500 sq. ft.)

green2  green3

Green Residence, San Dimas (3,500 sq. ft.)

IMG_0031              IMG_0027

Cowen Residence (3,200 sq. ft.)

Arcadia1        Arcadia4

George Residence (5,000 sq. ft.)                                  Pete Residence (3,200 sq. ft.)

LaCanada1          Pasadena1

Gupta Residence (4,300 sq. ft.)                                    Pete Residence (3,600 sq. ft.)


Joseph Y Residence (3,500 sq. ft.)


Chow Residence (3,200 sq. ft.)

  • Second Story Home Additions:

Pasadena5               hOMEADDITION

Dr. Devon Residence (3,400 sq. ft.)                                   Devon Residence (2,800 sq. ft.)

home1             Arcadia2

                           Cohen Residence (3,800 sq. ft.)                                                 Haidar Residence (4,200 sq. ft.)

  • Town-homes, Condominiums & Apartments Buildings:


Fairchild Development (7 Town-Homes)


Cypress Gardens / Town Homes (16-units)

Arcadia6  Arcadia5

Santa Anita Town Homes (11-units)

Alhambra1          San Gabriel1

                         Chen Condos (5-units.)                                                                          Mr. Fong Apartments (8-units.)