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H & H Codes offers online AIA-CES approved and registered Green Construction Code (IgCC) courses; based on the IgCC 2015 edition, geared for gaining Continuing Education Units (CEU,) Health, Safety, and Welfare (HSW,) and Professional Development Hours (PDH.)  

In addition, H & H Codes‘ IgCC Courses guide architects, engineers, construction managers, and other candidates in becoming certified (IgCC) Green Construction Code Inspector/ Plans Examiner, and valid as mandatory continuing education rewards for state licensing renewal.


  • IgCC-201 Course Description: The intent and application of the IgCC, commonly used terms within the IgCC, jurisdictional requirements, and whole building life cycle assessment.
  • IgCC-201 Course Learning Objectives:
  1. The reader shall acquire knowledge of the general scope and application of the Green Construction Code (IgCC.)
  2. Explanation of the language and commonly used terms within the Green Construction Code (IgCC.)
  3. Identifying the Green Construction Code mandatory and electives subjects, as adopted by local Jurisdictions.
  4. Determining the minimum requirements, and the required parts for creating a Whole Building Life Cycle Assessment.


  • IgCC-202 Course Description: The International Green Construction Code (IgCC) guidelines for site development, land use, existing buildings, and existing buildings’ sites green upgrades.
  • IgCC-202 Course Learning Objectives:
  1. The reader shall be able to carry out the preservation of natural resources, and storm-water management.
  2. Explore conservation of landscape irrigation, outdoor fountains, management of vegetation, and soils and erosion control.
  3. Acquire methods of control of building site waste, transportation impact, heat island mitigation, and site lighting control.
  4. Implementing the IgCC requirements regarding existing buildings and existing sites additions, alteration, change of occupancy, and historical reservation.


  • IgCC-203 Course Description: International Green Construction Code application for: 1-Material resources, conservation, and efficiency, and 2-Water resources, conservation, quality, and efficiency.
  • IgCC-203 Course Learning Objectives:
  1. The reader shall become knowledgeable of the IgCC standards for material selections and properties, lamps regulations, and building envelope moisture control.
  2. The reader shall learn the IgCC methods for construction materials management, construction waste management, and recycling post certificate of occupancy.
  3. The reader shall understand the IgCC guidelines for water resource conservation, water quality and efficiency, and plumbing fixtures and fittings regulations.
  4. The reader shall become familiar with the IgCC rules regarding non-potable water regulation, rainwater collections and distribution, gray water systems, and reclaimed water systems.


  • IgCC-204 Course Description: Introduction to IgCC energy regulations for buildings’ mechanical, electrical, and water heating systems, regulation for specific appliances, and renewable energy.
  • IgCC-204 Course Learning Objective:
  1. The reader shall recognize the IgCC elements of energy performance pathway compliance, energy metering, monitoring, and reporting.
  2. The reader shall learn the use and benefits of Automated Demand-Responses (Auto-DR) Infrastructure.
  3. The reader shall become knowledgeable with the IgCC regulations for building envelope, mechanical systems, service water heater, and electrical power and lighting systems.
  4. The reader shall become familiar with specific appliances and equipment energy savings, building renewable energy systems, and energy systems commissioning and completion.


  • IgCC-205 Course Description: IgCC green construction requirements for indoor environmental quality and comfort, and rules for green buildings commissioning, operation and maintenance.
  • IgCC-205 Course Learning Objectives:
  1. The reader shall become aware of the IgCC general rules for general and specific indoor air quality and pollutant control measures.
  2. The reader shall become knowledgeable of IgCC prohibited materials, allowable material emission, acoustics requirements, and daylighting use.
  3. The reader shall recognize the requirements for approved commissioning agency, and the standards for building commissioning, operation, and maintenance.
  4. Introduction for green operations related to site development and land use, material resource and efficiency, energy Conservation and CO2e Emission Reduction, water resources and conservation, and indoor comfortable.

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The required exam is not intended to test your memory regarding the course material, rather; it is intended as an additional review of the subject matter. The correct answer shall appear (with explanation) each time you respond incorrectly, and you shall be able to change your answers.

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